SmartDocs Builder is a cloud based platform, powered by cutting-edge Machine Learning and AI technology, to rapidly extract valued business information from a wide range of documents (bank statement, water bill, insurance receipt etc) based on either pre-built model or custom models.

SmartDocs Builder can be easily integrated into your business process to automate the following tasks:

  • Document classification
    • MultiClass-Classification: Classifying a document to a particular class/type ( Water Bill/Bank Statement/Receipt etc) and this document belongs to one classification/type ONLY.
    • MultiLabel-Classification: Classifying a document to two or more classes/types (both xxx and xxx etc). In this case, this document belongs to multiple classes/types.
  • Data extraction
    • AI extracts user interested business information/data from the document automatically. Users can use either any of several pre-built AI model(based on preselected document types) to extract data directly or train their own AI model to extract data from custom form (custom documents)

SmartDocs Builder offer End-to-End ML solution to easy the whole process of training your model, in just 3 steps, you are ready to go:

  • Step1: Uploading documents and label/annotate the data
  • Step 2: Selecting the model size and train model
  • Step 3: Uploading a new document for AI model to predict/extract data

What’s Next